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Did you ever want Seal or Steve Miller Band to play at your birthday party or corporate anniversary part?  Did you want Kobe Bryant, Anderson Cooper, or your local weatherman to speak at your event or be at your tradeshow booth?  If you have, you are now at the right spot. 


All Around Talent LLC is a  leading booking company  for contracting and producing the biggest names in music, Hollywood, sports, comedy and speeches for private and public functions nationwide. Since 2006 our online talent resource has booked countless talent for corporate events, private parties and independent productions nationwide.

Please go to our REQUEST TALENT page to request big name entertainers, sports figures or public speakers for your event.  As many of you know names in the business have a heavy schedule, therefore we encourage you to give us your top three choices of talent.

Its is free to request talent.  It costs nothing to request talent.  If we don't get what you want you don't pay. Our talent brokers handle the entire process from booking the acts to the logistics and production. Once a professional event planner or consumer completes the entertainment request form on-site, an broker follows up immediately via email or telephone. The talent broker will provide pricing and availability for the act(s) that is being requested.  We can also provide a production team once a deal has been made with the talent if needed (This is primarily for bands or more elaborate shows).

We can negotiate the fees for the talent and arrant production and performance. This will allow you time to thoroughly enjoy your event while you may need to work on other elements of the event.