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Welcome to our website and thank you very much for considering using All Around Talent (and divisions of)  for your next talent/staffing need.  We have been in business for nearly 15 years in the talent booking industry, so you are at the right website. Your search is finally over.  We only present talent to clients that are fitting, willing to work for you rate, and available unlike our competitors that would show a "database" of talent that are not available or right for the job or even willing to do the job.  Why waste your time?.  There is nothing like doing a search for talent only to find that everybody you want is not available, which is just one reason we are different.  Each job is given personal attention.  We will always try to find available local talent first which saves you travel and lodging expenses.  (Depending on the request and the location, travel expenses may need to be paid). We will handle the stress of finding talent saving you time and energy; therefore making your company more successful.  Additionally we do all the payroll for you.  Don't forget we operate throughout the entire US.  We only work with established companies.  We do NOT work with individuals. You only pay when you book our talent.

CLIENTS: Fox Studios, Procter & Gamble/Coty, KMS/GOLDWELL, L'Oreal, Conair, Discovery Channel, Disney, Sony Studios, Lucero Olive Oil, Mint Media Group, Kenra, Carpe Diem Events, Chinese Laundry, and many many more.


1.  You may either call, email, text, or fax us (if you still have one) with your talent request to  FAX 818.488.5179   PHONE: 818.470.1911.  You may call us the old fashion way which we prefer.   A phone call and actually speaking to new clients in a live conversation helps set the tone so we can toss back and forth some basic questions and answers.  Additionally it will save us about 25 emails by having that one first solid conversation. If not we understand.

2.  CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE OUR GENERAL AGREEMENT. This will cover us for the current job and all future jobs.  We do NOT work without an agreement.  We need to protect our interests as do you.  

NOTE - There is a separate form at the bottom of this page to REQUEST TALENT.

3. Typically we select talent for you to attend the castings based on your talent breakdown. Don't worry, we are experienced and do this for a living. If models are selected from photos you will be supplied a link of options or emailed them directly. Castings are always encouraged. The "flake out" rate is dramatically better with castings because you know who is serious and who is not.

4. You select the models and inform us as to whom is selected.

5. We invoice you for all models booked and you make one payment to us. We take care of the rest.

DOES IT COST TO HAVE AN AUDITION? NO, its FREE to request talent for any particular job and there is no obligation to hire our talent if you do not find what you are looking for.  FREE FREE FREE

ARE THERE MINIMUMS?  Yes. $150 per day per model.  We also cannot take on projects that do not have a total minimum budget of $500 or more.  This is because we are not an automated service and its just not worth our time investment otherwise. 

CAN WE PAY VIA CREDIT CARD? Yes we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. (plus transaction fee)

CAN WE BOOK FROM PHOTOS? Yes, however auditions are always recommended for best results.  When booking from photos we will supply you with talent photos, stats, reels (for voice over, reporters/hosts, actors, bands) or a brief personal summary of each talent.  When selecting directly from photos, links of talent will be provided or direct emails saving you time and money on casting and studio fees. Clients take a risk when booking from photos.  All Around Talent will not be held accountable for misrepresentation of talent through photos.

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT?  We only present you with available and willing talent for your specific need. Unlike other companies, we do not just send over a package of useless talent that do not show up.  We are experienced.  There are a lot of similar companies out there that do very little business.  We have been in business for 14 years versus the other companies will tell you how many years of experience they had.  There is a difference.  Our years of experience are 50 plus.  Our crew is full of former models, crew members, and producers.  We do not charge weird extra fees, but we do have minimums.


  1. Remember we can find talent nationwide. 
  2. We personally review every single talent.  
  3. This is personalized service. This is not a random database of models.  We do NOT have a searchable database. 
  4. All new clients must fill out a general job agreement. This does not mean you have to use our models and there are no fees if you don't.  There are only extra fees if you cancel a model within 24 hours of a booking or pay late.
  5. A talent request does not guarantee it will be approved. We only work with established companies, not individuals looking for talent.
  6. We ONLY take on jobs that pay monetary compensation. We do not do exchanges or work for free product or jobs under $150.00
  7. No money is owed if talent are not selected by clients.
  8. Although its extremely rare, no money is paid to clients if talent are not found.
  9.  There are daily average minimums which we accept jobs to maintain a level of quality talent.
  10. It is important to know that booked talent will fill out a job agreement as a contractor prior to all jobs booked. Terms and rates for any contract may not be changed after any job is completed.
  11. We are not a classic agency, nor do we operate in the same classic manor.
  12.  WHEN BOOKING FROM PHOTOS - All talent must fill out a job agreement link with all details in order to be confirmed. 
  13.  WHEN BOOKING FROM AN AUDITION - All talent fill out a job agreement or registration/confirmation prior to going to the audition.
  14. IMPORTANT - Due to the number of forms we receive from talent & clients. It is extremely important to either call us or email us to let us know that you filled out a TALENT REQUEST form.  Simply send us an email to or call/text us at 818.470.1911. Please title it "TALENT REQUEST" to alert us you filled out a form.  If you prefer to call or text us, that is probably even easier.


MAILING ADDRESS: All Around Talent 10153 1/2 Riverside Drive #278 Toluca Lake CA 91602 

PHONE or TEXT  818.470.1911

FAX 818.488.5179


 When you complete the form, please text us "talent request form completed & (your company name)" for fastest service.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also call us anytime at 818.470.1911 or email
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