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Thank you for your interest in working with All Around Talent. We are a talent broker, not an classic talent agency.  We book talent of all kinds but specialize in the hair and beauty industry.  All Talent must fill out a job agreement for each job they work with us.


  • Experience Counts! We have been in business for 15 years. 
  • All of our business with our clients has been through referrals. 
  • We don't do marketing, we don't need to.  
  • You have a job agreement prior to every job for your security and our own.  
  • NO FEES! We do not charge any weird fees or sell anything.
  • Our rate is direct and straight forward. 
  • We are run by former and current models that know the industry. 
  • We are prompt in our replies. We work WITH you, not against you.
  • Independent models often get taken advantage of and paid less.
  • We have a mutual interest. If you don't make money, nor do we.
  • We work for your money. IE. If a client is late on payment, we will be fighting on your behalf.  You have piece of mind that we are taking care of things for you.  We work for you.
  • We only work with larger corporations that have real budgets. We don't work with individuals. 
  • We have paid out millions of dollars to talent and have documentation to show it.
  • Questions are answered promptly.  



Basically, our talent brokers review your submission directly or through one of our casting services. Then one of our brokers verifies you meet the requirements to book the job. Next we will notify you if you are approved and send your approval invite via a casting registration or job agreement link. (NOTE -If you are not approved, you will not receive a reply from us).  Most of our jobs require an audition. When there is an audition you must register to get the exact time and location (FREE). The auditions sent to you are for local hire models only, unless otherwise stated.  Local hire means there is no travel or hotels paid for.  Models are discouraged from traveling long distances to auditions as it's simply not worth it. 

If you book the job you make money, if you don't, you don't make money. It never costs to audition and we never try to sell you anything. Its just a normal audition. Its that simple! We often use a variety of casting services to find talent. We do not have the final say as to whether you book or not. All models must be legally 18 and legal to work in their location and be able to provide a government issued ID. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!  All talent are hired as independent contractors on form W9. Models whom earn over $600.00 in a fiscal year will be sent tax form 1099 on or before January 31st of the prior tax year. Talent are NOT employees; all talent are hired as contractors. Please refer to all of our terms & conditions  for a full review of our policies. We work on a job to job basis. We are not a database of talent.



    2. Title the email with your nearest major city and the words "NEW TALENT" (IE. Los Angeles NEW TALENT)

    3. Attach 3 photos; a headshot, a bodyshot, and another shot of your choosing. Do not submit photos with you and other people, wearing sunglasses or a hat, or in black and white. DO NOT send SNAPCHAT filtered photos; we will automatically delete those submissions. We need to see you, not a false representation of yourself.  Please do not send links, they will not be followed due to bad links that are harmful to our computers.  Please attach photos.

    4. List ALL your physical sizes in the body of the email.

    5. Leave your contact number and name.

     6. We will contact you when we have something available in your geographical area if we think you can book it. (If more info is needed we will request that info at the appropriate time).

NOTE - Directions will be provided for each casting. Most require a registration and audition.